Excellence in professional child-centered care

Mary is amazing! She is very loving ,calm and still a professional. She's made such ease leaving my little boy for the first time and then such a peace of mind whenever my boy is with her! Mary makes my son to feel "home from home", but still engaging him in variety of both educational and leisure activities like different art projects, drama, music, cooking, sports, games, also outside activities that she keeps updating me throughout the day,
She can also be very flexiable and adjust to child's routine, sleep, potty training etc .even help to learn how to zip a jacket.
Interaction with a few other kids made my son more open to sharing , also caring for others and I can clearly see that he is not that shy anymore and he has improved quicker at his speaking and communication skills. All play and learn acrivities,space and equipement are adjusted to the age.
Mtadros childcare provide Montessori way of a care service that is based on respect, it is child-centred place with open-ended play and learn.
I cannot find any other words that would describe Mary but professional, fully commited, caring for all kids childminder. I am lucky and my son is so happy we have Mary after some bad previous experiences.
I would 100% recommend her .


I honestly can't recommend Mary enough. If you are looking for childcare in her area - I really recommend going and visiting her & her setting. Mary has a lovely calm, warm & nurturing nature. This is really clear to me as I see my son so relaxed and playful when he is there.

The setting is spotless, colourful, fun and highly engaging for little ones. Mary has numerous age-related activities, a sensory area, art & crafts and toys. My older (school age) son accompanies me when I drop off my baby and is always asking if he can stay to play too :-)

It's clear that Mary has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to caring for children but she is also very attuned to and dedicated to their development. The setting is a true indication of this.

Mary is kind enough to provide delicious, varying and importantly really healthy & nutritious food as well. My son consistently enjoys what she offers.

Communicating with Mary is always a pleasure - she is highly professional and so warm at the same time. I don't feel that anything is too much trouble. She is very open & transparent in her communications and I thoroughly enjoy receiving updates about my son throughout the day. It really puts my mind at ease about being away from him.

Again, can't recommend highly enough.


This reference is to confirm that I have known Mary Tadros in a professional capacity as my daughter's childminder. Mary has cared for my daughter for a period of 4 years and I have been very happy with the service she has provided and work ethic. I can confirm Mary has provided excellent care and my daughter has developed really well. Mary supports the children in her care with their learning needs whilst developing the child's own interests.

My daughter really enjoys arts and crafts activities and Mary has focused on this interest and encouraged my daughter to develop her skills. Not only developing my child's own preferred interests but also providing new experiences such as horse riding as well.

Mary would regularly take my daughter on activities which she enjoyed providing the detailed attention to ensure my daughter thrived in her care. She was also up to date with childcare developments and kept diligent records of my daughter's progress. Mary was also happy to work longer hours and put in the extra effort if needed.

The space for the children to play and relax is very well set out and my child has felt comfortable and at home. Mary has taken the time to develop a very good bond with my daughter. My daughter loves and trusts Mary and really enjoys spending time under her care. In the earlier years Mary focused on the EYFS to develop my chid, but as my child has grown she has provided appropriate activities and help relevant to her age. I do feel Mary is very conscientious and pays attention to each child's own personal needs.

Mary has numerous year's experience in working independently and has always produced fantastic results. Mary also has a passion for health and safety. Whilst Alina was under Mary's care all the relevant protocols were followed and I was assured my child was always safe and secure. Mary would cook delicious and nutritious meals for my child, using a number of ingredients with a focus on traditional English and Egyptian cuisine. There was always fresh fruit and vegetables and my daughter has now developed very good healthy eating habits I am sure which will have lifelong benefits to her health. Regular exercise was also planned, including trips to the park which all helped my daughter's development. My child's medical needs (allergies) were always catered for and I really can say my daughter has thrived in Mary's care.


My toddler has been with Mary for a few months now and he absolutely adores her. Her home is welcoming & full of fun.

Mary is a very kind, warm and caring person who gives each child the attention they need. She's also very accommodating. We always love receiving pictures and updates throughout the day feel very lucky to have found Mary!


I cannot recommend Mary enough. From the moment I walked in on my first visit I felt very positive and at ease with the lovely environment she created for the babies and children at her home. She has a warm personality and a very calming, can do approach. She's been very sensitive to the personality and needs of my baby daughter and all of her suggestions and approach showed that she was thinking about my concerns and my baby's needs. She's thoughtful and caring which makes a lovely environment for babies to grow and flourish.

During settling in her approach was so reassuring to me and I believe that because of it, things went really well! My baby settled in really well and seems happy and relaxed when I leave her with Mary in the morning. I also noticed that Mary enjoys spending time with her too which is absolutely lovely . My fiance and I get regular updates during the day which are priceless! So overall communication is great and I feel I can talk to Mary about anything as she's quite receptive and open.

Mary has an array of age appropriate toys, all in good condition. She has lots of space so the children are not stuck in one room, they move around for a change of scenery during the day. It's a homely and clean setting and healthy meals with fresh ingredients are cooked everyday. My baby loves her food. To me diet is very important and the fact that Mary cooks everyday is very well received and shows that she cares about the children.

All of this makes me confident that my baby is getting the best start in life and I truly trust Mary's capable hands to care for my baby in her very important first years.


Our son started to go to Mary when he just turned seven months old. Mary organised a very useful and smooth settling in period for our son, and he very quickly felt at home. Our boy loves Mary, and he very much enjoys his time filled with fun, interesting developmental and educational activities.

Mary's setting is just incredible! She has plenty of space for the children to move around and offers a wide range of toys paired by age and always educational that she updates very frequently. Mary sends us daily updates and feedback regarding daily activities, behavior, development, and photos.

Mary prepares fresh, nutritious, tasty, varied and healthy food that our son very much enjoys. Mary offers a warm & caring home environment with a focus on development. We are fortunate to have found Mary.


My child is now 14 months old and has settled very well with Mary. Mary provides a stimulating environment for the children but also works around the individual child's routine as well which has helped her napping and settling in well.

The facilities are spacious and Mary is always doing a variety of crafts, cooking and play, both inside the house and in the garden/outdoor area

Mary caters very well, my child loves her food and has tried new things with Mary as well. It is all home cooked and nutritious.

The communication is brilliant in terms of knowing what the children are doing, with regular picture updates throughout the day. Which has definitely helped me as a parent.


I cannot express how happy I am with Mary! The setting is great for my younger child 3 and also my older child 6 they are both stimulated with arts and crafts or just learning through play. My son had been in a private Nursery setting since 7months old and was extremely comfortable so I worried about him moving and with so much change with school and leaving old nursery I thought he would be very shy and reserved but no within minutes of being in the setting Mary sent me pictures of him calm relaxed happy and laughing they have built such a great bond in a short amount of time.

My older daughter is very happy and comfortable with Mary so much so she wants to go every day after school. The setting is the best I have ever seen in a childminder perfect for different age groups and different areas to play. I would rather go there than to work :). The food is presented in a way it is exciting for the children and Mary had tried different foods they would not eat with me but they have with her. She has a way of helping the child become more comfortable and open up to new things.

Mary has such a good kind manner which is calming not only for the children making us all at ease. The communication is great between Mary and myself constantly letting me know how children are and what they are up to as any parent at work you clock watch knowing they are being picked up seeing the message makes me smile while at the desk feeling completely at ease. I cannot recommend Mary enough to other parents. I am one happy mummy knowing my babies are well and truly looked after :)


Mary looked after our 3 Yr old daughter very well, and with much kindness for 5 days on a temporary basis when we were back visiting the UK. Our daughter often came home excited about her fun day, and Mary gave us regular updates through the day which we appreciated.


Amazing childminder. My son loves coming there. Mary has been taking care of my son since he was three years old, now he is almost six. Mary is extremely understanding and flexible even now more and more as I am now pregnant and due in September.

My son used to attend a local nursery but because he was not happy there , I removed him and registered with Mary where he has settled in quickly and I could see he was happy again.

Mary had been an amazing support for me a single mum with her flexibility her understanding of my needs and that of my son . She has been so accommodating to the care I needed as at times specially after my son started school , our childcare needs changed but Mary is always there to support when ever we needed her, specially during school holidays.

Mary organises annual parents lunch get together so that the parents in the setting can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere , these events are joyful with lots of delicious food . I always attend these events and my son is happy to meet up with his Friends.

Mary never took a day off sick not even during the time my son was with her full time . This shows how she pushed herself to the maximum even when she was unwell at times so as not to disturb my work routine.

I am extremely pleased and confident with her compassion and care towards the children in her care, she loves them all as her own and my son is always happy to go to Mary's . Even after he started school he asks me when will he go back to Mary.

Mary always provide a balanced appetising home cooked meals to the children. She has shown and demonstrated a high level of dedication and integrity in her care for the children . She takes the children out on regular day trips to Kew Gardens , odds farm , local parks etc.... Which my son enjoys immensely .
She encourages the children to celebrate family events like mothers days and fathers days and birthdays and make birthday cards for each other (children in the setting) so as to encourage their social and caring developments,

Mary has an amazing setting with lots of high quality resources to help with the children's development in all areas . The setting is extremely calm with positive energy which influences the children confidence and security .

I highly recommend Mary as a childminder someone you can actually trust with your own child .


I just want to start off by thanking Mary for all she does. She is by far the greatest Child minder who ever looked after my son. So thank you so so much you've been a massive help.

The facilities Mary has are amazing not only for learning but self development. My little one is picking up so many good habits from whenever he is with Mary.

It's amazing that she provides the food for him but not only that she tries to figure out what my little one likes and cater to his needs. I always know what he has eaten and if he wasn't specifically fond of something.

The most important thing for me was the communication between me and the child minder and I could not have been more happier. She updates me on all the little things my son does throughout the day. She is very flexible with my early drop offs and I am yet again so great full for her flexibility.

But the bottom line is I know that when my son is with her he's not only looked after but being educated and is able to experience new thing every single day. That can be arts and crafts, trips to park or even to Museums which he absolutely adores.

I would recommend her to anyone who lives within Brentford area, as there's no one better to care for the little angels.

Anna Hun

Words will just not do justice to how grateful I am for finding Mary. Just a little context, I have a 19mo who takes a while to settle with anyone. He could cry for weeks. I used to think OmG I have a difficult baby. We tried nursery and after a month we had to pull him out. Gave him a little break and tried another nursery in other country, he settled after a few weeks. Amazing, but my work trip was over so had to bring him back to the UK. Decided to try a child minder and it was the worst experience ever, she barely listened to me, never sent an update of what they had been doing, every time I called my LO was crying, she complained every single day about him and how he is so needy.

So we decided to cancel and then I found Mary! She was literally an angel, my son who could cry for weeks with a stranger settled on the first day in less than a minute. We could not believe it. He will be so happy on our way to drop him off and also has the best time. Mary truly cares for these kids like her own. We get a lot of update on his day and do not worry at all when he's with her.

Also, my son has developed so so much, we are back home for holidays and everyone is shocked with how well he's speaking and engaging. If you are looking for the best child minder with a unique experience Mary is definitely your go to.