About Me

A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Mary Tadros. I have been a registered childminder since 2017 but have previous childminding experience since 2009. I have a three room setting to facilitate the provision of top quality childcare facilities and services, this expanding on my career which I love.

My 3 adult boys now all graduates from top UK universities such as Oxford and Nottingham are now moved out from my home in Brentford so I have chosen Brentford as the location to expand on the services I offer. I myself am a qualified chartered architect but because I have a lot of passion for children and seeing how well I was able to bring up my own children promoting academic success in a nurturing environment, I felt I wanted to work in this field bringing value to the children and parents lives. I love to work actively with parents, discussing children needs, progress and personal interests and tailoring the children daily experience in my setting to meet their individual needs ability and potential . My setting is supportive, loving and I want to ensure each child develops their highest potential in my care.

I have dogs in my setting because I believe by engaging the children with pets in a early years setting, will encourage them to learn about empathy for other beings, building a connection with a world around them. At the same time, creating engaging social situations with a pet will boost a child's self-esteem.