A Typical Day

Drop off - 8:00am earlier drops offs available on request

You'll be given a warm welcome by your child's key person or another member of your child's team as you come through the door. Whether you are in a rush or need a moment to ask a question, this is a moment for you to touch base with us.

We will always send regular updates via WhatsApp messages with photos to share with you how your child is developing progressing or simply having a fun time . We will also update you on the menu that day and share photos of your child meal time and how much they have enjoyed it .

In the mornings We'll take your child through once they've said their goodbyes and feel comfortable, in time for a quick and nutritious breakfast. Don't worry, we brush teeth afterwards!

A Typical Day

Free Play!

After a nappy change (depending on your child's age and needs), we give our children the opportunity to have free play while they explore all the various resources in our setting.

We love sensory play, including tuff trays full of exciting activities that correspond with our monthly theme.

We also encourage children to grow and develop life-skills through play. Our resources are constantly updated, including dress up stations for make-believe, reading books, outdoor activities, and a variety of sports.

We have plenty of cuddly toys, model toys of animals, vehicles and people which are perfect for expanding their ever-growing imaginations! Most of our resources are Montessori designs to stimulate your child imagination and real life experiences .

We regularly go on outings wether to Kew Gardens , local parks , West End museums and parks and animal farms , taking every opportunity to insure the little ones can explore and gain experiences enhancing their senses of adventure

Mealtimes see Nutrition section.

A Typical Day

Nap Time!

Sleep and rest are of vital importance to a growing young child. The Setting have separate rooms for comfy sleeping spaces with fluffy warm blankets and soft sleep mats.

We allow our children to gently adjust to our routines, encouraging them to rest but without forcing them. We find that they tend to settle in quickly

Snack time after nap see Nutrition section.

A Typical Day

Pick Up

When you arrive, please feel welcome to chat to your child's key worker or another member of my team to check in on the days events and hear the days highlights.

We are partners with parents which means that we want to work with you to help your child become the best they can be. If you have any specific concerns, want to chat about your child's needs, or even get to know our carers better please don't hesitate to check in with us.